Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Roll cast techniques must be managed by all fly fishermen

Roll cast techniques must be managed by all fly fisherman and all beginners in fly fishing before they attempt to master the other technique of casting, which more difficult and complex. Roll cast is usually used for casting in a narrow area or a place that is not possible to do a normal cast (back cast) such as the area behind the many concerned anglers such as trees or shrubs, streams or ponds that are too small, etc. Roll cast is also a solution for practical purposes such as fly line straighten out before the angler to cast back. The first step is to do a roll cast with a fly rod positioned parallel to the surface of the water. Then move your arms slowly upward toward the rear, the movement will automatically fly line too slowly attracted towards you. Stop the movement of your arms at one o'clock position. In this position, the fly line will be right next to your ear (the separation between the two is the fly rod). Swing your arms forward firmly just like the movement in sport karate. Fly line will be interested in jumping to the front. Do it in a position of full power, but soft and full of rhythm so perfect fly line jumped to the front without too much deflection as well as reach distances. Roll cast technique is very basic techniques in fly fishing, but do not underestimate the technique because of the roll cast will give chance to get a strike of the fish we hunted. Success in fly fishing is not only is supported by fly rod and a fly line, but also depends on the fly reels. Fly reel for fly fishing is different reel from others because of a fishing reel a lot more work just to roll up the strings. All fly fishing equipment can be found easily through online stores at that provides fishing equipment such as fly rods, reels, lines, leaders, tippet, fly waders, boots, outerwear, flies.