Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tools and Technologies Used in Health Information Systems

The present article attempts at presenting you how various tools and technologies are used to create and manage health information systems. The list of such instruments and procedures include:

* Web technology standards;
* GIS technologies;
* artificial intelligent techniques;
* imaging technologies;

1. Web technology standards

Working with such an amount of information, a health information system has to resort to the best software and web technological platforms. The data exchange process only provides a static health information from health information systems, disseminating it straightforwardly. A convenient platform through which the information can be pre-designed, validated and captured as an easily accessible multimedia document is offered by the Internet and the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). This platform uses as the main method for data collection the one that implies an automated and direct data input at the source. This way, data's timeliness, integrity and validity is improved. Using pre-designed documents to input information allows the completed documents to be warehoused either centrally or via on/line distributed network technology. The information which is directly input can be thus converted into easily readable and appealing user-oriented information.