Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Monitoring of Healthcare Information Systems

The article is dedicated to the investigation of the way in which the healthcare information system is to be kept under surveillance. The process of monitoring the earlier mentioned field is associated with the notion of information management within the healthcare institutions.

Therefore, the text will begin by explaining what the monitoring process implies. It comprises the management of information, the management of application systems and the management of information and communication technology, regardless if computer supported or not. Information management is very important as it ensures function, performance and quality for the healthcare information system.

Essential Matters in Health Information Systems

Health information systems have deep implications at the level of security and ethics. Therefore, the article will approach the critical issues of privacy, security and health ethics.

The application of e-health technologies has to observe the concerns of data security and confidentiality of health of information. Since e-health technologies are available to a large number of users across great geographical areas, security access has become a major concern. In order to prevent any security issues, the informational system has to be endowed with appropriate firewall protection, data encryption and password access. Nevertheless, computing viruses become more and more intricate and sophisticated as the security technology develops.